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PMU Removal

          PhiRemoval is the best and the safest method for removal of poor quality PMU or tattoos. This product is created with love and for skin care. It is of great importance because all surgical tattoo removal methods are both painful and leave large scars.

Each Session
(within 30 or more days)


$25 Deposit

$100 Due at visit 

The result may vary from individual.



          Post-treatment care is of great importance.  In the first 48 hours use Phisepto wipes both for lymph removal and for wound disinfection.

The procedure should be repeated 3 to times a day.  Phiapp gives you an option to set the alarm which will remind you to do the post-treatment care.


          7 days after the treatment, please apply the provided skin candy anti-scar cream.


         How to apply this gel?

         After initial scab shedding, a small amount of the gel is to be applied on the skin every 8 hours.  It should be applied until the skin relief is restored, redness disappears, and the skin color in the area that has been exposed to the procedure obtains the same color as surrounding tissues.


Duration of each session: 30 and more days.


What is to be avoided?

       - Decorative and hygienic for 10-15 days on the affected area after the PhiRemoval procedure.

         - Peeling the scab after the PhiRemoval procedure, you should allow it to fall off naturally.

         - Solarium, sunbaths, saunas, pools for 2 weeks after the PhiRemoval procedure.

         - Facial or body treatments for 3-6 weeks after the PhiRemoval procedure.

         - Exercise and body or facial massages 7 days after the PhiRemoval procedure.


Please follow the Post-care instructions carefully. Call (847) 429-8717 or email us @ if you have any questions to make sure that you have the best result possible.

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